AS.IT.AF - Italian Astrophilately Society aims at grouping astrophilatelists and collectors of space covers , space stamps and related items.

AS.IT.AF is affiliated with the FSFI - Federazione fra le Società Filateliche Italiane.






"WOMEN IN SPACE", sponsored by AS.IT.AF. and Thales Alenia Space Italia. is now available, in Italian. An English version is planned.




Samantha Cristoforetti, the first Italian Astronaut, is the 60th female astronaut who participated in a space mission in the past 50 years, out of 557 «space explorers» so far. Women entered the space programmes in the early USSR Era when, at the height of the Cold War,  the requirements of the missions were dictated by the State Propaganda: what was important was to be first in everything and at any cost. And Valentina Tereškova, the first woman in space, with her mission in 1963 became an instant celebrity throughout the world and the new symbol of the Soviet space progress, followed only twenty years later by her American collegues, and then Japanese and European.

The book depicts the history of the «female astronautics» side, through the profiles of sixty heroines of our time and their records, and tells little known anecdotes and recollections of their extraordinary endevours.

The book is offered to ASITAF Members at special conditions, together with «PROPAGANDA E PRAGMATISMO» (in Italian. An English version of both is planned)



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