What is Astrophilately

Astrophilately is a special philatelic class with its own set of proper rules.

It is a quite youthful class ("…Filatelia, che passione!...") officially approved by FIP (Fédération Internationale de Philatélie) as an independent Class with its own special regulations, during the FIP Congress held in Rome in 1985.

Astrophilately is an alternative way to tell the history of the Space Exploration and discover little known details.

Topics related to Astrophilately are illustrated from different points of view both on our quarterly Magazine AS*ASTRA and on QUIFILATELIA, the Journal of the Italian Federation (in Italian), where we described scope and contents of an Astrophilately Exhibit, how to correctly  build an Exhibit, beginning from how to choose a topics and dentify forged items.

When conceiving and building his own exhibit it is important for the Exhibitor to know the Criteria for Evaluating Astrophilately Exhibits that will be used by Jurors.

New Astrophilately Guidelines have been adopted recently.